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From 2022 Serena Morton moved her focus away from the traditional gallery exhibition programme to working in a more focused, strategic way, with a small number of artists.

Her aim is to help curate, broaden their collector base and support a move up in the industry t to representation with international galleries and markets.

Serena Morton also works on art advisory and collection building.

01 Nov 2023

House & Garden magazine Jonathan Schofield feature

22 Jun 2022

Brummell Magazine - The café as a metaphor: Jonathan Schofield

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19 Feb 2021

Alberto Reguera article - La Vanguardia

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19 Feb 2021

Alberto Reguera article - El País

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01 Dec 2020

Serena Morton Editions - Art as Jumpers launch

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Jumper 1234 – the naturally sustainable cashmere knitwear brand founded in 2014 join forces with Serena Morton to interpret artworks by Jeny Howorth, Orlando Campbell and Sabrina Rowan Hamilton.

05 Aug 2020

Stoney Darkstone on The Way Magazine (Article) - Corpi e Sogni nella foto d'arte di Stoney Darkstone

Corpi e Sogni nella foto d'arte di Stoney Darkstone

Article about Stoney Darkstone – Corpi e Sogni nella foto d’arte di Stoney Darkstone (Bodies and dreams in Stoney Darkstone photography)

This article was wrote by Christian D’Antonio and published on The Way Magazine on 05/08/2020. The article is entirely written in italian.

05 Jul 2020

Post Lockdown Art Exhibitions at The Hippocratic Post

Article featuring Orlando Campbell - Post Pandemic Colour Solo Show

Orlando Campbell, Post Pandemic Colour, Solo Exhibition has been featured at The Hippocratic Post.

Titled Post Lockdown Art Exhibitions, the article was written by Rebecca Wallersteiner, a health and arts journalist, who writes for The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, NetDoctor, Telegraph, The Times, Traveller and The Oldie magazines. She also works for the NHS and is the Hippocratic Post’s roving reporter.
The Hippocratic Post is the world’s first global blogging site specialising in medical issues. They have been featuring blogs from some of the world’s most eminent medical professionals including professors from Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, KCL and UCLA.

20 May 2020

Alberto Reguera featured in 'Descubrir El Arte'

Alberto Reguera seleccionado para #14Dias14ArtistasPT

Alberto Reguera featured in 'Descubrir El Arte' - Video

Alberto Reguera featured at ‘Descubrir El Arte’.

Reguera has been selected by Cultural Department of the Spanish Embassy in Portugal and the New York Consulate to be part of the project: 14 DIAS / 14 ARTISTAS #14Dias14ArtistasPT

23 Apr 2020

Jeny Howorth - Newsletter

Jeny Howorth - Newsletter

07 Apr 2020

Orlando Campbell - Newsletter

Orlando Campbell - Newsletter

05 Mar 2020

Paul Vanstone - Intimacy. Newsletter and Exhibition View.

Paul Vanstone - Newsletter

Serena Morton Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by British sculptor Paul Vanstone. ‘Intimacy’ presents recent work from Vanstone and a curated ‘Early Work and Inspiration’ archive.

5 March – 17 April 2020

343 Ladbroke Grove
W10 6HA, London

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 10-5pm
Saturday: 11-4pm

13 Jan 2020

Cultural Routes of Europe live painting performance by renowned Spanish artist Alberto Reguera

As part of the “Cultural Routes of Europe Exhibition in China – An Encounter on a Journey across Time and Space” currently being organised by the Delegation of the European Union to China, a live painting performance by renowned Spanish artist Alberto Reguera will take place on Wednesday 15th January at 11 am, at the Delegation of the European Union in Beijing.

28 Nov 2019

WINTER 2019-2020. Exhibition View.

WINTER 2019-2020’ is an selection of works by:
Adam Bricusse
Orlando Campbell
Colin Pennock
Lucy Temple
Robi Walters
Paul Vanstone

28 November 2019 – 9 February 2020

343 Ladbroke Grove
W10 6HA, London

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 10-5pm
Saturday: 11-4pm

30 Jul 2019

Adébayo Bolaji - TOPIA - A re-invention of the self

Adébayo Bolaji - TOPIA - A re-invention of the self

Serena Morton is proud to present Topia, a solo show by London-based Artist Adébayo Bolaji.

Press and Collector Preview is from Tuesday 17th September, with a Private View on Thursday 19th September, and runs until 20th October 2019.

Bolaji’s work is led by his earnest curiosity, constantly challenging his ideas before turning his questions towards the viewer. Themes such as the birth of social media, the selfie, Brexit, gender debates, climate change and celebrity presidents, help drive this eye-catching solo show, which consists of new works that invite the viewer to consider the many different worlds that exist in today’s contemporary society and how the need for reinvention has created hope but also unease.

In addition to Bolaji’s signature colour-driven paintings, the exhibition will premier his new film POEM 4, which centers on a young Instagram model navigating her way through social media concepts of reality, whilst questioning our ideas of control and identity. This immersive exhibition will transform the gallery space into a secret cinema of reality where figurative painting expresses classical storytelling motifs fused with ideas from West African folklore and western theatre – all parts of Bolaji’s own past.  

Sigmund Freud cited play as a means of healing: it allows for the expression and reconciliation of unconscious emotions and anxieties. This is an apt metaphor for Bolaji’s paintings, which he describes as a form of psychoanalysis: where colourful, animated canvases unfold organically from within. His fundamental process can be characterised as a liberating play, utilising his instinctual choice of colour and his emphasis on following and trusting the line. 

Bolaji enjoys engaging with both ritualistic and mystical imagery; depicting struggles both internal and external between the old and new.  The images act as metaphors for the conflict we all experience whilst establishing our own emotional identities.  The use of the same vibrant language is a constant element narrating a different story within each painting, each looking inward in order to comment on the external world. The artist questions if his cathartic practice can provide a therapeutic function for both himself and his audience.

21 Jun 2019

Mark Cazalet - Quiet Radiance. Exhibition View.


Exhibition continues until 12 July 2019

The paintings in this exhibition were inspired by the silence and solitude of two outwardly unremarkable locations. I am deeply grateful to these ordinary places in which my mind is able to wander in meditative reverie; attending to shifts of light, temperature, scents and birdsong – their repeated sensory input generating my colour spaces. A harmony is created through balancing the visual rhythms and hues; an orchestration of chromatic relationships into a unified whole. This re-alignment of mind and spirit forms the content of my art and vision. There is a tranquility that emerges through the flux of creative decision-making, a sudden gift.

Opening Times

Tuesday-Friday 10-5pm
Saturday 11-4pm (during June)
Saturday 10-1pm (during July)
Sunday and Monday by appointment only

Serena Morton
343 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HA | +44 (0) 207 665 8316 |

11 Sep 2018

Colin Pennock - Self Portrait. Exhibition View.


Exhibition runs Friday 21 September – Friday 12 October
Previews from Tuesday 11 September, 10 am – 5pm, by appointment

Serena Morton
343 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HA | +44 (0) 207 665 8316 |

17 Jul 2018

Optimistic – The Power of Now

Optimistic – The Power of Now

Tickets £25 via Eventbrite

An Exhibition Showcasing Adébayo Bolaji & Robi Walters
Curated by Serena Morton & Mikei Hall
Open to the Public Tuesday 17th July – Friday 17th August 2018
Friday 27th July – 7pm In Conversation with the Curators and Artists
Special Gala Night in conjunction with Kensington & Chelsea Art Weekend
Tickets £25 via Eventbrite
Saturday 28th July 2018, 7–12pm
In aid of the ClementJames Centre

19 Sep 2017

Jim Threapleton's new exhibition 'Enemy'

We are pleased to announce that Jim Threapleton alongside Phil Hale will be bringing together new work for the exhibition ‘Enemy’, running 29 September – 11 November 2017

Nuclear paranoia, religious fanaticism, economic and ecological catastrophe — a new age of anxiety has re-animated the existential concerns that shaped cultural production in the post-war years of the twentieth century.
This exhibition of painting indirectly alludes to the contemporary disquiet of extreme polarities through the antagonism and friction between representation and abstraction.
While Hale and Threapleton navigate opposing states, they are bound together by a visual language that animates a precarious, volatile, and profoundly unreliable territory.

No 20
20 Cross Street
N1 2BG

27 Jun 2017

Rupert Shrive interview with Darren Coffield - Artlyst

24 May 2017

Rupert Shrive - Featured in Luxury London

19 May 2017

Paul Vanstone at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We are delighted to announce that Paul will be exhibiting, for the seventh consecutive year, at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. In collaboration with Coombe Sculpture Garden, he can be found at Stand WA58, on the Western Avenue.

29 Mar 2017

Serena Morton Feature

Serena Morton featured in ‘Absolutely Notting Hill’ December edition and ‘Winter Home’ edition.

21 Sep 2016

Dan Nathan - Paralland - Video Interview

12 Jul 2016

Barka - Sugar and Water

Barka - Sugar and Water

Barka featured in ‘Absolutely Notting Hill’

12 Jul 2016

Alberto Reguera

Alberto Reguera featured in 'Descubrir El Arte'

Alberto Reguera featured in ‘Descubrir El Arte’

28 May 2015

Angus Hampel 'Sacred Trees'

Angus Hampel 'Sacred Trees'

Angus Hampel 'Sacred Trees' Press Release

Angus Hampel’s works are recreations of trees. They are more than naturalistic and show what we see and what we feel when we see. It all depends on where you stand. Suddenly olives appear like fireflies, birds flash before our eyes and golden suns fill us with wonder.

The muted warm colours conjure ideas of peeling Italian frescos. The forms feel more Japanese. Trees come into being and recede into red earth and watery sky. Like the people in ‘Hidden Trees’, if we don’t stop, we’ll miss it all.

29 Apr 2015

Adam Pobiak 'WAVES'

Adam Pobiak 'WAVES'

Adam Pobiak 'WAVES' Press Release

7 – 29 May 2015

Time weaves its way through ‘WAVES’ in various forms. The viewer controls the passage and direction of time and animation in the lenticulars, as they move past the object. Whilst the silkscreen prints are individual grains of time, when they are photographed and technically compiled, the print series takes on a new animated life. The 3D Light box (the first of its’ kind in the United Kingdom) is one moment in time, captured from 250,000 different angles. The result is the viewer is given giving a fully three dimensional experience.

11 Mar 2015

Emma Levine 'Space Between Us'

Emma Levine 'Space Between Us'

Emma Levine 'Space Between Us' Press Release

25th March – 1st May 2015

Emma Levine studied Fashion at Central St Martins and worked in Paris and India where she honed her distinctive textural and colour charged sensibility.

Neon silk combined with intricate laser cut screen prints in sensational colourways resonate exquisitely. She has an original practice that uses technology combined with hands on artistry to create soulful contemporary work that is becoming increasingly sought after.

18 Mar 2015

Frequency Video

29 Jan 2015

6ths by Haberdashery and Julian Abrams

09 Jan 2015

Haberdashery and Julian Abrams 'Frequency' Exhibition

Haberdashery and Julian Abrams Press Release



The design studio Haberdashery and photographer Julian Abrams explore the infinite potential of light. Their collaborative work dips into a kaleidoscopic world as highly reflective stainless steel rods, ball bearings and controllable LED lighting are manipulated by simple geometry – isolating light and eliminating everything else. Julian Abrams translates these sculptures into two dimensions through his photographic work. Toying with the viewer’s perceptions, the photographic process transforms the sculptures from 3D structures into otherworldly patterns. The shift in medium questions the veracity of the image, leaving the viewer curious yet mesmerized.

This collaboration marks the meeting of two very opened minded entities. Although they have worked together for years, in this project both Abrams and Haberdashery manipulate light and mould it to suit their own curiosities.

Serena Morton is proud to present this first exhibition in her new space following the success of her opening Group Show is November. Morton was born and raised in London. After her years at Christie’s, Auction House, (King Street) London, she became known as a curator before launching and directing three ‘West End’ contemporary art galleries. In 2012 she launched her ‘Canalside’ gallery at the north end of Ladbroke Grove and at the end of 2014 she opened her new space at 343 Ladbroke Grove as her primary exhibition space.

07 Jan 2015

Colin Pennock interviewed by Lucy Feagins editor of The Design Files

Colin Pennock interviewed by Lucy Feagins editor of The Design Files

07 Jan 2015

Arthouse Gallery - Photograph by William Mansfield

Colin Pennock 'Pioneer' Exhibition at his Sydney gallery Arthouse

‘Pioneer’ is an exhibition that draws from Colin Pennock’s experiences as an Irish immigrant and avid traveller.
Canvassing a nexus between geographical and emotional landscapes, the works investigate how we often set out in
search of something external only to find it within ourselves. Swelling with colour, smooth swoops of paint and bold
gestures, the paintings hint at the bulging potential that lies dormant within us all. They precipitate the importance
of looking within – an elemental aspect of Pennock’s practice. ‘A pioneer is someone who goes into the unknown
with confidence in what they have inside,’ says the artist, ‘This is how I approach painting. It is how I have made
my own way.’

Pennock has exhibited nationally and internationally and his work is held in important collections including the
University of Ulster, Belfast; and the British Consulate, New York. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Wayfarer,’ BMG
Art, Adelaide (2014) and ‘Tracker,’ Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne (2013). Selected group exhibitions include
‘Grand Opening,’ Serena Morton Gallery, London (2014); ‘Melbourne Art Fair,’ Melbourne (2012 & 2014), ‘Belle Art
Series Dinner,’ Adelaide (2013) and ‘Christmas Show,’ Belgravia Gallery, London (2009).

23 May 2014


CONGRATULATIONS to Robi Walter for a fantastic opening to his Exhibition of collages and drawings at The Gallery Soho in Charing Cross. Huge success.

08 Apr 2014

Katy Lynton

Katy Lynton

Press Release

12 Feb 2014

Jonathan Silverman

At Hand and Far Away

More about Jonathan

Serena Morton gallery is pleased to present At Hand and Far Away, an exhibition of new work by London based painter Jonathan Silverman.

Originating in the study of Hindu Temples whilst artist in residence at the International Institute of Fine Art, Modinagar, India in 2012, Silverman’s new paintings focus on the power of symbolic architectures and their exploration through the process of painting.

Beginning in New Delhi, Silverman travelled to Himachal Pradesh in the north, through Madhya Pradesh to Orchha and Khajuraho, continuing to Varanasi in eastern Uttar Pradesh, all the while immersing himself in drawing and painting. Of the experiences that underlie the exhibition he has said:

“With its singing sufis in the square in front of the tomb, the mausoleum of the sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin (Nizamuddin Dargah) in New Delhi left a lasting impression. The atmosphere and visual impact of this place was profound, where believers “possessed” by evil spirits come in order to exorcise themselves, their shouting and screaming heard whilst sitting in the square. The sandstone temples of Khajuraho, had a quieter, though no less visceral, effect in my identification with the temples as a potential subject. Covered in a skin of carved bodies and with the colour of the sandstone shifting throughout the day, I began to perceive the architecture as human, organic structures and this notion of temples as living organisms, animated by those who contemplate them, kept me immersed for hours drawing in front of them.

Returning to London, Silverman’s observational drawings functioned as raw material for the paintings now seen in At Hand and Far Away.

“For me painting is a conversation between abstract sensation and figurative representation, and in revisiting the sites and experiences of these temples through the process of painting in the studio, I enter into a process of building and re-building symbolic images in my own and other’s imagination. The temples seem to me to be places of ‘workings out’…they are sites of exorcism and inspiration, of belonging and despair, of solace and affirmation, and all this achieved through engagement in a metaphysical process symbolized and encouraged through a series of visual and architectural prompts. In this architecture I saw a human endeavour to make sense, to deify, to rejoice, to understand. At times I hope painting can allow for a similar project”

“Though my own experience of these temples is secular and subjective, I would like to think that their metaphysical message – conveyed through the beauty of their construction and decoration – is a simple and direct one that I can try to relate to through my practice as a painter. This is best captured in an inscription I saw written in the Lakshmi Narayan temple in New Delhi, a beautiful and simple description of the divine:

It is without and within all beings and constitutes both animate and inanimate creation. By reason of its subtlety it is incomprehensible; it is both at hand and far away.

10 Oct 2013


Structural Harmony

07 May 2013

Serena Morton Launch Party

New Exhibition Space Now Open

Serena Morton opens a new exhibition space at Canalside, 338 Ladbrook Grove, London W10 5AA

06 May 2013


Press Release

An exhibition of paintings, prints and light boxes

26 Mar 2013

Kids Company

Kids Company - Gunter Roth Exhibition

Kids Company Website

Press Release

This event is by strict invitation.

10 Jun 2012




10 Jun 2012



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22 Aug 2011

Simon Edmondson BURNT DOOR WITH COLUMN 6 October ' 28 November

09 Jun 2011

Damian Elwes, Heart Land

08 Jun 2011

Agent Morton presents a ten year celebration of Jeffrey Kroll At THE SAATCHI GALLERY


Agent Morton show continues at Agent Morton:
Monday June 13th to Saturday June 18th

05 May 2011

Peter Lewis exhibition from 25th May- 18th June 2011

20 Apr 2011


‘Many late afternoons during Autumn and Winter, I watched the sun going down a blood red abstract disc, which inclined me to see premonitions of great time passing and of our sun one day becoming a red dwarf – as if to show so vividly time passing in micro and macro dimensions which could animate my landscape into charged tableaux of transience, and vulnerability in my own and mankind’s existence. I feel that the tragedy of time has never been more pronounced than now’.

Peter Lewis paints the landscape of the Carmarthenshire countryside. The work is transported between a shed on the edge of the forest and the studio attached to his farmhouse where appraisal takes place. The paintings are then divided into themed series gleaned from this way of working. Each canvas depends on a gestation period of months and sometimes years to complete. The landscape is not so much a viewing spot as a site for meditation.

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12 Feb 2011

Chris Levine to be in a Group Exhibition at the Museum of Art & Design - New York City, June 2011

05 May 2010

Stuart Semple Exhibition launch at Morton Metropolis

17 Feb 2010

Morton Metropolis 2010