My Maanmies


Paris based Swedish artist, My Maanmies, presents for the first time in London from November 4 2021 to (February 2022), a selection of new works related to a turning point in her career. Recent lockdowns have given her the opportunity to reconnect with the foundations of her artistic practice that her dedication to her work for American fashion designer Rick Owens had almost made her lose sight of.

Born in 1989 in the cold climate of northern Sweden. Dreaming of art and fashion, she left her country at the age of 19; but part of her is still there...

After she left Sweden, My spent many years searching for herself and testing her limits. She joined a community of clubbers in Barcelona, it was a wonderful time but it soon turned into madness. Eventually My moved to Paris, where she regularly visited museums and exhibitions, and attended the Louvre School, formulating ideas and concepts.

My spent the recent lockdowns self-quarantined in her Paris studio. There she spent time asking questions of her inner self and reawakening her creative energy, post-lockdown at the exhibition of Christo and Jeanne Claude at the Pompidou, she came to realize that the true artist is the one who dedicates their life to art and never gives up, as the exhibition progressed she realized that she had to do something that went beyond the walls and spoke directly to the viewer.