Lucy Temple


A childhood spent in the sunshine of southern Spain followed by school in London, Paris and Switzerland imbued Lucy with a passion for travel and a love of warmth, light, colour and pattern.

Lucy’s upbringing was unconventional and artistic. As a teenager she had a fledgling business customising everything from Walkmans to TV sets with sequins, diamante and acrylic paints. This was followed by an obsession with tapestry creating colour packed freestyle designs – customers included jewellery designer Dinny Hall, Camilla Arthur, model Rachel Williams and West London fashion boutique ‘The Cross’. She also created cushions and handbags out of silk remmants honing her eye for colour and design.

Lucy’s next step saw her continue to develop her natural flair for colour, design and pattern with a two year MA at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London. Here she studied Islamic design and ancient traditional skills such as Indian miniature painting, calligrafphy, ceramic tiles and icon painting.

Lucy draws on her artistic heritage, talent and training to produce highly detailed paintings in jewel like colours. Taking traditional Islamic patterns as her starting point she spends hours meticulously working on the repeat patterns to create her designs. Colour is the key to everything whether it is her patterns or the funky pop art hearts and stars.

Her work has been bought by, amongst others, Boy George, Davina McCall, Emma Forbes, David and Martha Mlinaric, Cathy Kasterine, Lisa Gorman, Danny Katz, Nicola Jacobs, Max Wigram, Bill Nighy, Stella Tennant, Colefax & Fowler and Ed O’Brien from Radiohead.