Alex Box


Dr Alex Box is an internationally renowned Artist who has redefined the role of creativity in makeup and the future of beauty and the body.

As a futurist her multidimensional approach has established her as a creator of a new visual language and dialogue that exists between the body and movement, artistic expression, technology and scientific enquiry.

Her manifesto is to bring spiritual creative freedom, whilst evoking the emotionally intelligent soul, the craft of art and future of beauty. By pushing boundaries Alex Box inspires others to do the same; from her Creative Director role at Illamasqua (2008-2015) she was able to change the way beauty was perceived which led the brand into cult statues. Her public speaking and much lauded TED talk and international performance which ask questions about how and why we create. Alex has challenged and changed social media culture, asking us to re-evaluate our self-image and move beyond prescribed culture to more radical self-belief and expression.

Through Alex’s innovative and multidimensional approach, she has established herself as the creator of a new visual language and a dialogue that exists between the body and movement. Alex says  'I work with a range of cutting edge digital applications combining them with traditional techniques, arriving  at what is called 'Phygital ' (physical +  digital) creating emotional surfaces and sensorial design with the body as the narrative '.


Ocellus- 'The little Eye,’ the seed , a nucleus .These digital water colours are an echo of botanical and terrestrial hybrids, elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human emotions .