Simon Williams


My work is a preoccupation with metamorphic abstracted marks and their inherent chance alignments. A childhood fascination with cartoon annuals plays out in my choice of colours and stark outlines. This cartoon fuelled aesthetic combined with a love for urban graffiti helps shape the decision process responding intuitively to form and space. I work on numerous pieces at once to give room for an adventurous and unpredictable approach in an attempt to make something that is eloquent. Often in the work there is a nucleus of activity, an unrest that gives shape to a space neither land locked or sky bound. It's a dialogue with paint to ultimately refine my visual and conceptual language.

I pursue the idea that a painting can reflect back some of the time we inhabit, a time where we have access to a plethora of imagery via smart phones and tablets. so qualities of space and layering of colours are important in the work to attempt to reflect back to the viewer this new visual language.

Part of this process is to make and modify my own pallet knives and other painting tools, to push paint creating vivid spatial surfaces that mimic graphic imagery but also contest the conventions and recognizable signature of the paint brush. It also helps to challenge the perception of the viewer to engage their everyday associations and knowledge of image language and ways of seeing and interpreting the visual stimuli.