Emma Levine


I followed working in London for several textile print studios with 4 years designing textiles and embroidery for a fashion house in Paris, regularly travelling to India for inspiration and to develop the print collection.

Colour, texture and light all inspire, delight and inform me. I look for the journey of my materials particularly paper- it’s source, it’s evolution to a finished piece and it’s eventual destination. It’s a silent language usually revealing itself beyond completion. I like to feel a fragility and a quiet change between colour and texture. I want light to filter and cast shadows over each work gently forming new life, movement and dimension.

I watch for the space in each piece, how the eye travels around the image, how light on the pins pushes the layers forward. I listen to what each piece asks for. 

Emma Levine’s trees touch us so deeply because they remind us of our connection to the elements that sustain us: the air that we breathe and the earth beneath our feet. They are the fantastical lungs of nature, only revealed in the stark light of winter, like a mythical archetype. The delicate branches that arc up into their coloured skies are pulsing with the energy of their potential leaves blooming with oxygen. The stillness evoked is reassuring and takes us to a serene place where we belong. A place of lightness you will want to return to over and over again.

Emma studied Fashion at Central St Martins and worked in Paris and India where she honed her distinctive textural and colour charged sensibility. Neon silk combined with intricate laser cut screen prints in sensational colourways resonate exquisitely. She has an original practise that uses technology combined with hands on artistry to create soulful contemporary work that is becoming increasingly sought after.