Colin Pennock


Colin Pennock is a well travelled painter who lives and works from his idyllic studio in the Noosa Hinterland in Queensland. His complex past ranges from being a Police officer in Northern Ireland to a four year scholarship at St Martin's. He spent six years in Tribecca in New York using his skills to draw commercially for MTV and advertising, yet continuing to paint. 

He was part of the show 'Culture and Conflict' New York in 1998 which was featured in Circa magazine. 

Leaving soon after the 9/11 attacks, which had a great personal effect on him, he decided to leave behind the commercial art storyboards etc, and immerse himself solely in his painting. He then moved to Australia drawing his focus on his experience to move away from his traditional approach to drawing and painting, creating his own language in paint which moves back and forth between his experiences which are set in the form of landscape. He is now widely exhibited in Australia and is held in international collections.

'Like an expert time traveller, Pennock slides effortlessly back and forth between memories and reality, and it is this contiguity between past and present that infuses each work with its timeless and elusive appeal. Every painted mark is a recollection - an imprint of a meaningful experience - and in this way each painting becomes a mnemonic trace of the artists life. Distance is measured in time and not physical space, and Pennock captures this continuum of time through his controlled variations of mark making and a depth of field. The marks vary not only in colour and size, but also in type; from the epiphanic and confident to the pensive and calm. Here, each stroke of paint is like a footprint, stepping forth from Pennock's past into the present, and this narrative pervades his creative output. Navigating through Pennock's sumptuous layering of colour and visceral application of paint, the viewer catches glimpses of things that appear, disappear and reappear in an oscillating cycle of revelation and concealment, much like the glimmer of a memory unearthed from the depths of the past.'

Elli Walsh, Arts Writer November 2014