Adam Pobiak


Adam Pobiak, originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but currently a 10 year resident of London, is the former creative of a digital advertising agency as well as one of the most esteemed and sought after rock poster artists currently working today.  Adam has won many awards for Interactive Advertising and exhibited his posters all over the world. (London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Copenhagen, Austin and San Francisco )

With His Debut Fine Art Exhibition WAVES Adam sought to merge the technical, interactive and animated aspects of his digital experience with the Patterns, colors and symmetry from his poster work to create a psychedelic barrage of animated gallery objects. Time weaves its way through WAVES in various forms. The viewer controls the passage and direction of time & animation in the lenticulars as they move past the object. While the silk screen prints are individual grains of time that when photographed and compiled digitally the series of prints take on a new animated life. The 3d Light box (the first of its kind in the UK) is one moment in time captured from 250,000 different angles, giving the view a full 3d experience without the need of glasses or any other viewing aid.